Hair removal is a shared and increasingly frequent choice, not only by women, but also by men.

The reasons are due to several factors: the aesthetic factor – in contemporary society many more men, than in the past, feel the need to have a smooth and tidy body – the functional factor as, for sportsmen, amateurs and professionals, the growth of hair in some parts of the body could limit their performance.

The hygiene and cleanliness factor should not be excluded: the hairs are the protective barrier of our skin, but they are also the perfect home for germs and bacteria.

Which wax to choose?

To be taken into account when talking about wax as there are different types of hair in nature, based on the type of individual. It is important to highlight the difference between male and female hair.

The female hair, although thickened in subjects who use the razor constantly, is usually finer than the male hair, which is more stubborn to extract. For this reason, male hair removal often turns out to be a painful, harmful to the skin and short-lasting treatment.

Brazilian hair removal involves a low-temperature melting of waxes, thus avoiding unpleasant burns, redness and irritation and making it more delicate on the skin. At the same time, not using the classic fabric strips, the wax is applied directly to the skin, thus incorporating the hair in depth, eradicating even the most stubborn one, for more lasting results. 

 The average duration of a Brazilian wax is about 4 weeks, and, if the treatment is repeated constantly, the regrowth time will be prolonged. To optimize the effects of the treatment, it is possible to use specific retarding products, which deeply nourish the skin and significantly slow down the regrowth of the hair.

Wax&Be has chosen Brazilian wax as a certified method within all beauty centers, to grant its customers, women and men, well-being that satisfies every (aesthetic and otherwise) need with all the benefits of a painless and lasting treatment.

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