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wax&be is constantly engaged in offering the best in professional hair removal. Epilation, traditionally a painful experience, becomes pleasant and painless, suitable for all.


TOUGH on hair SOFT on skin


hair removal is a rewarding experience

for personal care

for being yourself

in perfect harmony with your body



Tips from Masters of Waxing

Do not let your hair grow too long before waxing

Shower and exfoliate before you come. (try our RENEW exfoliating treatment!)

NO tanning 24 hours before or after

Please refrain from waxing if you have any sort of rash, infection, or skin disorder

Avoid hot baths or heavy sweating 24 hours after waxing

Do not shave between waxes

Keep your area clean

Exfoliate, hydrate and nourish your skin regularly! (Try our extra rich Active Plus serum with hair growth retardant effect)

Frequently Asked Questions


Does waxing hurt?

Waxing can cause some discomfort but it can also become a pleasant experience with our professional quality.  The first time is always the worst, simply because your roots are at their strongest/thickest. If you wax regularly every 3-5 weeks the discomfort lessens because the hair follicle becomes weaker, hair lessens…. and it gets easy and smooth.

Please note that you will be more sensitive:  A week before and during your period, during pregnancy,  and if you have been sick or are hung over.

Potresti essere più sensibile nella settimana prima delle mestruazioni, durante la gravidanza o se sei stata poco bene

Come sarà la mia pelle dopo l’epilazione?

Nelle ore successive la pelle essere più sensibile ed potrebbe arrossarsi leggermente  Questi effetti hanno durata di poche ore.  A seconda della zona trattata potresti notare questi fenomeni più a lungo (es. l’area Bikini).   Con Wax & Be questi effetti sono rari:  utilizziamo cere di nuovissima generazione, delicatissime sulla pelle e molto efficaci sul pelo.

Dopo l’epilazione i pori della tua pelle sono aperti per cui è importante detergere e tenere la zona trattata molto pulita.  Nelle 24 successive all’epilazione dovresti evitare l’esposizione solare, bagni caldi, attività fisica eccessiva

What should I expect my skin to be like afterwards?

Most people’s skin will be slightly red and tender to the touch, and some people may develop hives, but all of these side effects are temporary, usually only lasting a few hours.  These side effects are minimized with Wax & Be waxes though:  we offer only new generation products, safe, gentle on your skin and very effective on your hair.

You may notice redness lasts a little longer in specific sensitive areas(ex. Bikini area). After waxing, your pores are open and susceptible to bacteria – so keep that area clean. For 24 hours after waxing, you should avoid tanning, unprotected sun exposure, soaking in hot baths, exercising.

Will I be completely smooth and hairless after my first appointment?

It could happen, but most likely not. This is because your hair grows on three different cycles, each that last about 28 days. It takes a few waxes (in a short time) for your hair to all grow out long enough to be completely removed by the wax.

How long does my hair have to be?

Just a few millimeters of growth are enough for us!  Our waxes can catch the hair even when it is very short!

Most people need about 2-3 weeks of growth for the hair to be long enough to wax and get better results.

Can I wax on my period?

We ask that you freshen up before hand and have a fresh tampon in.

Please note that you are likely to be more sensitive in those days.

Can I wax while pregnant?

Of course!  However you will be more sensitive, and it’s not uncommon to experience more ingrown hairs during this fantastic time.

I have a special event and/or vacation coming up. When should I get waxed?

You can wax the same day!
However we recommend you to plan in advance and get waxed at least 2 times prior to your upcoming event.  This is especially true if you have never been waxed before, or are waxing a new area.   This will allow all of your hairs will be in the same growth cycle and you will benefit the best results in your waxing.