About us

Wax&Be was born from the experience of ATAR 22, a reference point in the world of professional aesthetics, present in over 3,000 beauty centers and 25 Countries.

With the intention of diversifying its proposal to a more demanding people, in 2017 Atar22 creates the new “WAX&BE” brand”.
A brand that caters to a public more attentive to the competence of the service and that seeks a highly specialized proposal focused on the hair removal service.
Atar22 opens its first two flagship stores in Milan and Turin, with highly specialized staff, products for the highest quality hair removal and walk-in service.
Our mission is to consciously take care of people’s beauty.

The world of beauty and cosmetics is constantly changing, as are the canons of beauty. What I have always tried to convey to my team, as well as to the people who approach our products, is that beauty and self-improvement only make sense if we change or improve for ourselves. Pleasing oneself is the sine qua non for talking about body positivity, self-improvement and empowerment.


CEO & Founder