Wax&Be is the first true Brazilian waxing method, i.e., the result of scientific research and continuous innovation.

The Wax&Be hair removal system uses two types of multidirectional waxes with a special formulation, which melt at low temperature and do not require the classic fabric strip, thus reducing the sensation of pain and limiting redness and irritation of the skin.

The effectiveness of the method is also tested on very short hairs, which are incorporated by the root, thus reducing the possibility of subcutaneous hair formation and leaving the skin even smoother than with traditional waxing.

The Wax&Be hair removal method considerably lengthens the growth times: the hairs grow back more sparse and weaker, thus favoring subsequent applications.

Low application temperature.

Wax&Be waxes melt at a temperature close to that of the body, thus reducing heat trauma on the skin and redness after hair removal.

Stop the pain.

The Wax&Be hair removal system does not require the use of classic fabric strips; it is applied directly to the skin, thus limiting pain and leaving the skin smooth without trauma and redness.

Safe and suitable for all skin types.

Thanks to the special formulation of waxes and easy removal, the Wax&Be* treatment limits the risk of allergies and trauma to the skin.

Capture the shortest hairs.

Wax&Be waxes capture the hair in the Anagen phase, i.e., the first phase of hair growth, thus incorporating it deeply and capturing even the shortest and most invisible ones.

Unisex waxes, suitable for the whole body.

Two types of multidirectional waxes ideal for treating every part of the body, both male and female.

Long duration.

The Wax&Be waxes incorporate the hair in depth, without breaking it, thus extending the regrowth times, for a longer smooth skin.

The Wax&Be tips

Prepare the skin for hair removal at least 48 hours before treatment with RENEW+ : exfoliating body scrub, so you will reduce the formation of subcutaneous hair.
Constantly exfoliate, hydrate and nourish the skin, making subsequent hair removal easier.
Do not wait for excessive regrowth; act as soon as the hair grows back.
In the 24 hours following hair removal, do not use too perfumed lotions and soaps and avoid steam baths and synthetic clothing.
Don’t use the razor!


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