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Thanks to the combination of moisturizing, exfoliating and emollient ingredients, our body care products are the perfect beauty treatment for always smooth and radiant skin.
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Gentle body cleanser

gentle shower bath


Massage on damp skin and rinse

Gentle cleansing shower gel, suitable for all skin types. Its special formula limits the risk of folliculitis and hydrates the skin, thus giving it a pleasant citrus scent for energetic well-being.

active plus

post-hair removal retardant serum


Morning and evening 10/15 days following hair removal

Post-hair removal emulsion with moisturizing and moderating action on hair regrowth. Its formulation is enriched with an active ingredient of plant origin, the splayed larrea, which has a progressively retarding effect on hair regrowth and weakening of the shaft. The extracts of chamomile and St. John’s wort soothe and give new brightness to the skin after the hair removal treatment.

active plus summer

after-sun cream with delaying action


After sun exposure, apply for at least 10/15 days after hair removal

Nourishing after-sun emulsion with retarding action on hair regrowth. Its formulation is enriched by the spreading larrea, active of vegetable origin, which has a progressively retarding effect on hair regrowth and weakening of the stem.
It contains aloe extract, jojoba oil and shea butter with a protective, soothing and nourishing action after sun exposure.

active plus sensitive

post-hair removal deodorant and retardant cream


Daily, at least twice a day in the private parts after cleansing.

Emulsion with deodorant action thanks to a pool of active ingredients that inhibit the formation of bad odors. Its innovative formulation contains aloe vera, with moisturizing properties, and larrea extract, moderator of hair growth. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

renew+ bis


active body scrub


Apply on dry skin, rinse well after 9/10 minutes

Active exfoliant with alpha hydroxy acids from fruit to increase skin cell turnover, and shea butter and hyaluronic acid with moisturizing, nourishing and emollient properties.